The Windex Warrior

Come springtime in North Carolina, I turn into the Windex Warrior. Why, oh why would I become the Windex Warrior? Well, I hate ants. No, not the ants strolling around outside. I hate the little tiny sugar ants that come through the invisible cracks and crevices and feel free to stroll across my kitchen or across the bathroom floor and they hate Windex.

Photo Credit: asobitsuchiya via Flickr

Actually, I don’t know if they hate Windex. They probably don’t because they keep coming. But, Windex kills ants and is a relatively non-toxic way to do it which is good because it doesn’t matter how much I clean, how much I spray, those little fuckers still come. I put out ant traps. I bag any open food in ziploc bags and still those fuckers come. We hit late spring in North Carolina and it seems like someone sent out a text to the ant community saying “Party at Kristin’s house. Ant crack available.” BTW, for those not in the know, Fig Newtons are ant crack. Seriously, I think they can scent Fig Newtons from a couple of miles away.

I hate those little things because seeing them crawling around makes my skin crawl. They make me feel like things are dirty even when I KNOW I’ve cleaned less than an hour prior.

Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of them for good? Preferably, a DIY method because I can’t afford to pay someone to come do it for me? If you don’t have any tips, just tell me about something you hate.

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