Well…Fuck a Duck!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck…

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can tell you the latest medical news from our household. About 3 months after Gabe was born, my hubby was diagnosed as a Type 2 (insulin resistant) diabetic. This means at that time his body was producing insulin but it wasn’t using it effectively. Many Type 2 diabetics have an easy time getting it under control but some don’t. Vic never had an easy time getting his under control despite following doctor’s orders scrupulously. This means his body is highly resistant to the insulin.

Vic finally got his diabetes under control…for a while. Then, a couple of months ago, his blood sugar swung out of control again. His diet didn’t change. His activities didn’t change. The meds simply were doing nothing for it. So, his doc added insulin to the oral meds. Specifically, he added Lantus which is a long acting insulin. This still did very little to control his blood sugar. So his doc referred him to an endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist looked at Vic’s bloodwork and realized his pancreas was no longer producing insulin. This changed his diagnosis to Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when something (sometimes a virus) causes your immune system to attack the cells of the pancreas. This damages the pancreas which means it no longer produces insulin. So, all the oral meds he had been taking were no longer any good because they are designed to work with insulin produced by the body not insulin that is injected. However, Vic is still extremely resistant to insulin. The dosage he has already up to is more than the body wants to deal with at any one time (which makes the body more resistant). So, they are switching him off of humalog to a more concentrated form of insulin and they are dividing his lantus injections into morning and evening doses. At this point, Vic qualifies as a brittle diabetic because his insulin resistance is causing his diabetes to be uncontrolled. They are looking into an insulin pump because they help out greatly in these cases (and they also are great for people who have jobs with irregular schedules…like people who run 911 centers). Once his diabetes is under control, Vic is going to consider weight loss surgery…probably lap band surgery. Hopefully, the weight loss that would result from that might solve the insulin resistance making the diabetes easier to control long term.

Its so frustrating because Vic has fallen into the small percentage of people who has trouble controlling diabetes no matter what he does. For some people, the oral meds for type 2 diabetes can cause weight gain which then makes the diabetes harder to control. Vic had lost about 80 lbs prior to dignosis and the meds caused it all to come back. Now, because he is insulin resistant, he has to take extremely high doses of insulin which also can cause weight gain…ARGH. Its not FUCKING fair. Why do we always seem to fall on the losing end of the medical odds?

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  1. mom2manyblessings
    January 29, 2009 | 2:05 pm

    I’m so sorry sweetie! Major (((hugs))). Will be praying that the switch in meds will help Vic get the diabetes under control.

  2. Lollipop Goldstein
    January 29, 2009 | 2:16 pm

    That sucks–I hope the combination of new meds and technology sort things out and he gets control over the diabetes.

  3. Margaret
    January 29, 2009 | 2:40 pm

    Arrrrrrgh I’m sorry. Big hugs to both of you and prayers that SOMETHING gets things under control.

  4. Soralis
    January 29, 2009 | 3:47 pm

    That just sucks! I really hope something helps! Hugs

  5. Journeywoman
    January 29, 2009 | 4:18 pm

    I am the wife of a type 1 diabetic. He’s been type 1 since I’ve known him.

    Getting him on the pump will do wonders. That being said his insulin levels will swing wildly. and you’ll get the fun of insulin reactions, if you haven’t already.

    (I’m aghast that he wasn’t under an endocrinologist’s care from the get-go!)

    If you want to email me with questions about various living stuff, let me know.

  6. Flmgodog
    January 29, 2009 | 4:29 pm

    I have Type 1 diabetes. I am in Mel’s blogroll, if you ever want to e-mail me and ask questions. I am more than happy to do what I can.

    I have been on an insulin pump for quite some time. Just got a new one as a matter of fact.
    It really stinks about his diagnosis. I hope he can get things under control with the help of the endo.

  7. Sheliza
    January 29, 2009 | 4:55 pm

    I see why you had to get all the f$#ks out of the way! I sure am sorry to hear of all this craziness. My mother suffers from diabetes and has a hard time controlling it. Her sugar went up to over 800 a few years back and it was not looking good. She has been put on so many different medications and insulin. It still is not fully under control. I feel your pain girl. I do hope your hubby will get the help he needs to get this thing under control. It will all work out 🙂

  8. NHStitcher
    January 29, 2009 | 6:20 pm

    Well that really sucks! I hope they can get Vic straightened out soon!

  9. Dora
    January 29, 2009 | 7:15 pm

    Oh, man! That’s seriously sucky! Hope things get on track soon. xoxo

  10. Velda
    January 29, 2009 | 8:48 pm

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCK! dammit! no……..(((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

  11. princessoftides
    January 29, 2009 | 10:22 pm

    Ugh, Kristin, I’m sorry. That’s truly lousy. I really hope things get sorted out soon.

    Thinking of you –

  12. Cassandra
    January 30, 2009 | 12:16 am

    I’m so sorry. Hope they can get it under control soon!

  13. Deirdre
    January 30, 2009 | 6:43 am

    (((((HUGS)))))! I hope Vic can get it under control soon! I have had several students on the insulin pumps. They have really made their life easier!

  14. CreoleInDC
    January 30, 2009 | 9:04 am

    I’m confident that the new drugs are going to work Princess. They just gotta!


  15. Beautiful Mess
    January 30, 2009 | 3:50 pm

    Thinking of you and Vic and sending out hugs! I hope everything gets worked out soon! HUGS!!!

  16. Tanyetta
    January 30, 2009 | 7:25 pm

    I agree! It’s just NOT fair!

  17. Kymberli
    January 31, 2009 | 8:37 pm

    Oh, I’m so sorry! As someone with insulin resistance, I know how hard it is to control the sugar levels.I really hope the pump gets his levels under control, and fast.

  18. momofmanyblessings
    February 1, 2009 | 2:57 pm

    Aw Kris, Hugs to you and Vic I cant believe this crud is happing to you.

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