Was it the mushrooms speaking?

Earlier this afternoon, Jennifer and I ran to the store to pick up a few things and Gabe decided to tag along. He turned on the cute and talked us into getting him a soda. As we were leaving the store, this conversation took place…

Gabe: Why do all sodas taste the same?
Me & Jennifer: They don’t all taste the same.
Gabe: Hmmmm, yeah, this root beer tastes like mushrooms.
Me: laughing my ass off
Me: It doesn’t taste like mushrooms.
Gabe: Yeah, it does. They put mushrooms in it.
Jennifer & Me: still laughing
Me: You need to tell daddy this when we get home.
Gabe: Nooooooooooo…
Me: Ok, I’ll tell daddy.
Gabe:…Noooooooo, it’s a secret.
Me: Why’s it a secret?
Gabe: It just is. But, they put mushrooms in it.

What makes it all funnier is that Gabe hates mushrooms…and the fact that the whole time he’s saying this I keep wondering what kind of psychedelic mushrooms he was drinking.

What kind of weird shit have your kids or anyone in your life said lately?

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