Vic’s Story, part 6…

Welcome back to Vic’s story. Sorry there was such a long gap between part 5 and part 6 but life got in the way. It was hard to focus long enough to write anything semi-coherent. One note about the time frame here…when Vic moved into the house with the psycho bitch from hell (PBH for short) that was the start of his one year legal separation from his ex-wife, M. At the end of part 5, when we met, he was about 7 to 8 months into his legal separation. Yes, PBH had wreaked that much havoc in that short a time.

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When we last left our intrepid hero, he had just met the love of his life…ME! With the help of a dear friend, we quickly went on our first date and there was no looking back. When Vic spent that first night with me, it was the first night in a long time that his gun wasn’t at his bedside. And, as he spent more and more time at my place and less and less time around PBH , that gun and the bullet with his name on it faded into the background. Within a month, we were talking about the holidays and how we were going to spend them. But, with Vic’s track record with women, he wasn’t ready for anything serious even when it was staring him right in the face. All he could agree to was taking it one day at a time and I was more than willing to accept it. Hell, if he’d jumped right back into swearing his unending love, I would have questioned his sanity. You’d think that it would be time for a little peace and quiet in Vic’s life but you couldn’t have been further from the truth.

See, despite the fact that PBH had gone back to Amy, she didn’t want Vic to go. And, since PBH was so desperate to keep Vic in that house and paying half more than half the bills,she jumped to some conclusions that could have cost Vic his livelihood. See, PBH knew Vic was in charge of training the new wreck team members at the rescue squad and she also knew one of the young, hot female firefighters, Kay, from the town was a new rescue squad trainee. And, Kay also happened to work the same firefighting shift as Vic and was occasionally on his crew. PBH also knew there was a new woman in Vic’s life but had no idea as to who it was. PBH put two and two together and came up with a totally wrong answer. PBH assumed Kay was the new woman in Vic’s life. And, as Vic spent more and more time with me, PBH assumed he was spending it with Kay and she began to get desperate. PBH couldn’t afford her house, her car, and all the other goodies Vic had financed without Vic and his salary supporting more than half the household. In an effort to keep the gravy train going, PBH decided to chase Kay away from Vic.

Now y’all have to remember that PBH was a cop. Scary thought that…she was allowed to carry a gun. Both Vic and Kay had started their careers on the police side of the public safety officer equation. As the town got larger and the call volume grew, it no longer paid to have cops who were cross-trained as firefighters. When the departments fully split, Vic and Kay had both gone full time fire and PBH had remained a cop. Like many of the newly minted full time firefighters, Vic was still a reserve police officer meaning he maintained his training and certification and could be called on in emergencies and could pick up extra shifts here or there to earn extra money.

One day, when Vic and Kay were both at work, PBH decided the time was right to try and scare Kay away from Vic. On this day, Vic was acting captain and was inside doing all the lovely paperwork that went along with that job. PBH showed up at the station Vic and Kay were working at and, when she pulled up and saw Kay out back and no one else in the immediate vicinity, PBH jumped out of her car, pulled her gun on Kay, and told her to “Stay the hell away from him. You can’t have Vic.” Well, luckily for Kay, a few of the other firefighters were in the bay (garage area) and overheard the confrontation. The appearance of others took the steam out of PBH’s confrontation and she turned tail and ran. The first Vic heard about any of this was  when Kay and the others told him they needed to file a report.

Once the report was filed, the shit hit the fan. PBH was a sworn police officer who had pulled a gun on another town employee on town property. While the event was investigated, PBH was placed on paid leave of absence. Everyone who had been at the fire station when the incident went down were called in to answer questions…and Vic was called in time and time again. See the whole reason Vic had opted to become a full time firefighter when the departments split instead of staying with the police department was because of who the police chief was. The same son of a bitch who refused to grant Vic time off when he was married to M and desperately needed it was still in charge when the departments were splitting. Vic and that man never saw eye to eye and, since Vic wasn’t willing to brown nose and ass kiss his way up the ladder like that chief expected, his career was at a stand still in the police department. This same chief was still in charge when the PBH gun incident went down and he decided he didn’t believe Vic when Vic said he was unaware of any of the chaos of the gun confrontation. The police chief pushed and pushed the issue. He even had Vic undergo a polygraph exam to try and prove Vic was lying to protect PBH and, if that had been proven, Vic could have lost his job as a firefighter. Luckily, he was never able to prove that untruth. Vic had his reputation for honesty and the polygraph results to support his story.

In the end, PBH had destroyed her own life instead of saving her lifestyle. She confronted the wrong woman, confirmed Vic opinion that she was truly a psychotic bitch, and lost her job as a police officer. I’d like to say I rose above my baser instincts and felt some shred of sympathy as I watched her life crumble around her but I’d be lying.  The bitch got a small fraction of what she deserved for the chaos and destruction she left strewn around her.

PBH and her toxic influence started to fade into the background but she didn’t disappear from the story entirely. That wouldn’t happen for some time to come…

To Be Continued…
4 Responses to Vic’s Story, part 6…
  1. St Elsewhere
    June 6, 2011 | 1:07 am


    Vic has been through huge amount of women-drama…

    His story could be adapted into a book or a TV series, you know.

  2. kmina
    June 7, 2011 | 2:58 am

    I second St Elsie, you need to write the book of Vic’s adventures. Although PBH would claim her part from the money you’d make out of it. 😉

  3. mommyodyssey
    June 7, 2011 | 11:21 am

    Wow! I’m happy you finally found time to post part 6. This thing should be a movie. Seriously!

  4. Barb
    June 7, 2011 | 9:30 pm

    Wow! He’s had a rough go of it! I’m glad he found you! You guys are adorable.

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