The Real Story of the Time Lords and Christmas

For the past 8 years, Doctor Who fans have been treated to a series of Christmas specials starring our favorite Gallifreyan, the Doctor. For so many of us, the Doctor Who Christmas special is only second to the actual holiday celebration when we rank our favorite winter moments. Hell, for some people (but not me), Doctor Who tops even the actual holiday. Well, Doctor Who fans, I finally figured out why the Doctor never, ever misses a Christmas.
doctor-who-christmasSanta is a Time Lord!

Before Christmas, I was having one of those standard Christmas time conversations with Gabriel. He was asking all those unanswerable questions about Santa…how does he get everywhere in one night? how does he fit all the presents in his bag? how? why? how? My answer started out as a joke. I told Gabriel that Santa’s bag had to have TARDIS technology. It had to be bigger on the inside to fit all the presents for all the kids. Gabriel seemed to like that idea and agreed that it made a ton of sense.

The tie in between Santa and TARDIS technology sat there, percolating in my brain. All of a sudden, I realized that it wasn’t just that Santa had TARDIS technology. I realized Santa had to be a time lord. It solves all the problems of Santa. The first bit of evidence, presented for your consideration…Santa’s sleigh is a TARDIS itself. But, unlike the Doctor’s TARDIS, Santa’s TARDIS has a working chameleon switch. By using his TARDIS as a sleigh, Santa doesn’t have to worry about having room for all the presents. He can fit in as many as he wants. Additionally, the one issue that even the truest Santa believer has found hard to reconcile is the time issue. How, oh how does Santa travel to all the houses in all the world to deliver all those presents? Well, flying a TARDIS sleigh means that time is no longer an issue. Time is limitless and Santa can take all the time he needs to deliver the gifts. Also. some people have worried about how Santa has been around for so many years. Now, we know that regeneration is the answer to that question.

Friends, family, fellow Doctor Who fans, there can be no doubt. Santa simply has to be a time lord. The Doctor isn’t the only man who stayed for Christmas.

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