The proof is in the pudding

After the video I offered up yesterday, I want to open by promising this post is safe for work. Really…I promise. The only warning I want to give you is that you may laugh so hard that you cry.

Can you explain something to me? We live in a great country, right? Sure, we have our problems but, we live in a country where we can fight for what we believe in. We are allowed to criticize our leaders if we believe they are failing at their jobs. We vote for the leader of our country every 4 years without having to fight for the opportunity. We are recognized as a world power and we frequently go to the aid of other nations. These are all signs of a great country. But, I am forced to wonder how we have achieved this status.

Once again, I can blame my confusion on The Soup. On part 2 of their annual Clipdown, there were two clips that made me question the sanity of the very foundation of our country…the people.  The first clip was from a show called Killer Karaoke. On this show, people sing badly and they do so while being tormented by the hosts of the show. And, yes, these people allow this to go out on national television. This particular clip shows a man murdering Ramblin’ Man while he is being shocked/tazed while he attempts to serve the host dinner.

Then, there was the clip from the kids’ show Liberty Kids and it contains the line “Give us Black Dick and we fear nothing.” Honestly, the clip is safe for work (sort of) and isn’t offensive…much…but, it is funny as hell.

The first clip makes me question the intelligence and sanity of the general public. And, the second clip…well, dear God, do these people not think about how things sound?

So, given this evidence, this proof, can anyone please explain to me how we are still recognized as a world power?

2 Responses to The proof is in the pudding
  1. Elena
    January 7, 2013 | 4:26 pm

    Wow— I am not sure I will ever be able to hear that song again without laughing.
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  2. Jenny Ford
    January 9, 2013 | 12:01 pm

    HAAA! Black Dick!!

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