The Story of Bruthilda the Witch…a dark fairy tale

Once upon a time, there lived an evil witch named Bruthilda. On the surface, Bruthilda seemed to be a sweet old lady but she was living proof that you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. Bruthilda was anything but sweet.

Photo courtesy of SteFou! via Flickr

Photo courtesy of SteFou! via Flickr

Bruthilda was the matriarch of a large, extended family. At one time, that family seemed to be close. They celebrated birthdays and holidays together. There were family meals and visits from far flung places. At the center of all these gathering, Bruthilda always displayed this fabulous statue that she called El Padre Bueno. No one knew where El Padre Bueno came from. He had been around as long as anyone could remember. When the family gathered in the presence of El Padre Bueno, there was love and laughter and warmth.

Then one day,a tragedy occurred and El Padre Bueno disappeared. The family searched high and low but El Padre Bueno was gone for good. Bruthilda and her family mourned the loss of this family heirloom. To outsiders, El Padre seemed to be just a statue but, for Bruthilda and her family, El Padre was so much more. El Padre was the talisman that symbolized the heart of the family. Without El Padre, their heart was gone and the true nature of some of the family members came to light. One of Bruthilda’s children started loudly criticizing his brother’s spouses, never thinking it would get back to them. Another accused one of his sisters-in-law of marrying for money and wanting to work her husband into the grave. Even Bruthilda was affected. Without the soothing presence of El Padre Bueno, Bruthilda no longer gathered her family in love. Bruthilda forgot important family days including ones important to her grandchildren. Bruthilda treated family members like they were children and lectured them horribly. Bruthilda even began to insult and criticize those she was suppose to love the most.

As time went on, this witchy behavior continued and even got worse. Bruthilda didn’t appear at any family events and rarely even bothered to contact her family except to rage at them. Yet, she seemed at a loss to understand why her family never gathered at her house. Without El Padre Bueno, the heart they once gathered around, the once close family drifted apart. Without the heart to embrace, the family’s baser, witchier instincts blossomed and grew. Without the heart, the family was no more.

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