As most people who know me can tell you, I love crafts. And, I was raised by a mom who was a Girl Scout leader so she always had craft supplies everywhere. I have inherited that from her. I have fabric, beads, sequins, button, empty jars, and pipe cleaners. I have glue, threads, pins, card board, baskets, and ceramic ornaments. I also have my cross stitch fabrics, all my DMC floss, my specialty flosses, all my yarn, and tons of cross stitch and crochet patterns. I always have at least 3 or 4 projects going on and I’m always on the lookout for a good craft supply sale.

Yesterday, I stopped by Big Lots to pick up cereal while Joey was in his Tae Kwon Do class (they are in the same shopping center). Of course, while I was there I had to wander through and see if I found any cool things. Boy oh boy did I luck out. They had just gotten in a bunch of specialty yarns. These yarns typically sell for almost $5 a skein but Big Lots had them on sale for only $1 a skein. I bought 18 skeins. That’s about $90 of yarn for only $18.

I originally thought I would just show you a picture or two of the gorgeous yarn I bought but then I got the brilliant idea of showing you my cross stitch and crochet supplies. I went back to my craft closet (otherwise known as the closet in Gabe’s room) and started pulling out all my yarn. I pulled and pulled and pulled. Every time I thought I had found it all, I discovered more. And, HOLY SHIT do I ever have a lot of yarn. Even I have to admit, I probably have no excuse whatsoever for buying any more yarn in my lifetime. You really have to see it to believe it. Each picture is a clickable link to a bigger picture so you can see it in all its glory!

The first two pictures are yesterday’s purchase and the pic of all my yarn (my big chair and a half is hiding under that pile of yarn).

The next four pictures are of afghans I have started. The green/white one and the pink one only need edging. The other two are only between 1/4 and 1/3 of the way done.

The next three pics are cross stitch stuff…my fabrics, my specialty flosses, and my patterns.

Do you think I might just have enough?

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23 Responses to SHOW AND TELL: My Stash
  1. Beautiful Mess
    January 4, 2009 | 1:16 am

    HOLY COW!!!! That’s a lot of yarn! You’ll put it to good use, of that I have NO doubt! If you need anything to cross stitch, we need new stockings ;o)

  2. Another Dreamer
    January 4, 2009 | 1:40 am

    That. is. a. lot. of. yarn.

    But how neat! Think of all the glorious things you’ll be able to make 🙂

  3. The Steadfast Warrior
    January 4, 2009 | 1:43 am

    Nope! Always room for more! :)I’m an artist, I know how it is…

  4. Cassandra
    January 4, 2009 | 2:23 am

    I was such a slow knitter that I could easily rein in the yarn purchases, knowing how long it would take to use up the yarn I already have.

    That, plus I have my knitting supplies in three plastic bins (not counting needles which are in a couple of separate containers). Not wanting to get more bins, I always restrained myself by owning only what would fit in the bins.

    Since I haven’t touched my knitting in several years now, I certainly have not been buying any more yarn lately! I keep hoping to resume when I have a small someone on the way for whom to knit.

    Enjoy using your stash and adding to it!

  5. WiseGuy
    January 4, 2009 | 2:52 am

    How gorgeous indeed! I always thought my feminine side was a bit off, because when I was in school, most of the girls turned in beautiful pieces in the crafts classes and I bought ill-finished stuff to hanker my teachers. 🙂

    When you are finished do post a pic of the pink afghan…want to see it!

  6. Silver
    January 4, 2009 | 3:00 am

    Can there ever be enough craft stuff?

  7. Days like These!
    January 4, 2009 | 3:06 am

    UMMMMMMM wow. yes, you do have a lot of yarn. please teach me! 😉

    p.s. please, email me at

    dayslikethese2 at gmail

    if you’re still online.

  8. Arian
    January 4, 2009 | 4:18 am

    Oh my goodness! That looks like heaven to me! Hubby is frustrated with my yarn and supplies at the moment. It seems to be tucked into every spare corner of every room in the house!

  9. Bean
    January 4, 2009 | 4:28 am

    Phbbt, amateur!

  10. Vicki
    January 4, 2009 | 10:11 am

    LOL that’s a lot of yarn. Hope you are able to find your chair again. LOL I love the yarn you bought yesterday. What a great deal you got! And your afghans are beautiful!

  11. My Reality
    January 4, 2009 | 12:06 pm

    You can never have too much in your stash!

  12. G I N A L O U
    January 4, 2009 | 1:48 pm

    You have a lot of crafting to do to keep up with your shopping habit! Good find, though.

  13. Barb
    January 4, 2009 | 1:51 pm

    BEAUTIFUL! And I love your new hair!

  14. Queenie. . .
    January 4, 2009 | 2:51 pm

    Wow, I am envious that you are so talented that you can use all of that stuff! I’ve noticed that people who can knit tend to have enormous collections of yarn. It seems like it becomes a bit of an obsession, actually. At least you’ll never be caught short when the urge to craft hits you!

  15. Cara
    January 4, 2009 | 3:14 pm

    WOW! That is a lot of yarn and you know what? Seeing the mass quantity of already purchased material in your closet GAVE ME YET ANOTHER IDEA!

    If you think I’m nuts (I’m nearly convinced myself) ignore me…but if your curiosity is me.


  16. Billy
    January 4, 2009 | 3:30 pm

    Wow! that’s a lot of wool…
    And oh do I envy you! would love to do some kind of art/craft but way too lazy..

  17. Raggedy Ann
    January 4, 2009 | 4:17 pm

    My cat would love to get her paws on your yarn. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it.

  18. Tarahville
    January 4, 2009 | 5:08 pm

    HOLY SHIT! That’s a lot of yarn. I say that you have enough yarn to keep yourself busy for at least a little while.

    Your work is beautiful, have you ever thought of selling your stuff on Etsy?

  19. MrsSpock
    January 4, 2009 | 6:46 pm

    Nah, you definitely need more ;).

  20. Megan
    January 5, 2009 | 10:15 pm

    Woah…I thought I had a craft addiction!!!

  21. Stacie
    January 5, 2009 | 11:07 pm

    You do have a lot, but crafters can ALWAYS use more! 🙂

  22. NHStitcher
    January 6, 2009 | 6:04 am

    I can relate! I used to have a footlocker full of yarn.

  23. Fat Chick
    February 23, 2009 | 10:53 am

    Great stash! And no, just no. You can never, ever have enough stash. I am trying to use mine up, as this year I’m really focused on saving money. What that means is that I really miss my LYS and that I cannot WAIT until I use it all up and go on a massive yarn binge. Oh, and remember: When factoring your stash, sock (fingering weight) yarn doesn’t count, and my vote is that any yarn produced by an independent fibre artist doesn’t count, either.


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