SHOW AND TELL: he rocks…he really does!

Have I mentioned lately just how much my hubby ROCKS? Vic is incredible on so many different levels but, what brought out the mushiness tonight was that his awesomeness in the past solved my Show & Tell dilemma for tonight. I was stuck my friends. I didn’t have a clue what to show and tell tonight…until I remembered this…

That one little disc holds the results of approximately 4 years of photography. It contains the contents of these two file cabinet drawers…
Can you just imagine how much it cost to develop all those pics? Thank God for digital because I take more pics now than I ever did back then. My rockin’ hubby sat and scanned each and every one of those photographs. Each envelope has its own file on that disc and I can easily find the pictures I want without having to search the drawer and then the envelope.

Since I have access to digitized versions of all those pictures and because I’m feeling a wee bit sentimental and because my now taller than me 12 yr old is halfway across the state instead of here driving me crazy, I can show you these pics from the day Marty was born…

Vic with his dad, Sig, and his mom, Ruth

Two of my BFFs, Christine S. and Jennifer B.,
with Vic and my mom, Karin

No, that is not another baby in there. Its a boob…
a scarily huge boob.

My beautiful boy


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24 Responses to SHOW AND TELL: he rocks…he really does!
  1. Kymberli
    July 1, 2009 | 7:43 pm

    Damn, that’s some excellent photo compression! I am desperate need of some of the same.

    Good to know that I’m not the only one whose boob was bigger than the baby. I was afraid I was going to suffocate them. The babies, not the boobs, that is.

  2. Mrs. Gamgee
    July 1, 2009 | 7:52 pm

    Awesome pics! And what an incredible guy you have to do all that scanning work for you!

  3. Lavender Luz
    July 1, 2009 | 8:07 pm

    Aww Kristen. That last photo is a tear-jerker!

    Yay for Vic for all that scanning. What a feat!

  4. Cara
    July 1, 2009 | 8:24 pm

    Ahhhh…I’m drooling to see my photos represented on ONE device!!

    What a great hubby and wonderful memories. You have PLENTY of show and tell for the future now, yes?

  5. The Steadfast Warrior
    July 1, 2009 | 8:38 pm

    Awww, what a great little trip down memory lane!

    Yay for Vic and his determiniation. I have a massive photo organization to do myself, but most of mine are already on CDs. Problem is many of them are worthy of being in my professional portfolio but I havne’t had time or energy to comb through thousands (yes thousands) of photos and do an requisite editing.

    I can see potential mat leave projects in the near future.

  6. areyoukiddingme
    July 1, 2009 | 9:12 pm

    Wow, you should totally hire your husband out! I hate scanning stuff, and that mountain of photos would just make me cry.

    Great birth pictures!

  7. Soralis
    July 1, 2009 | 10:35 pm

    Wow what a great hubby! 🙂

    Take care

  8. Delenn
    July 1, 2009 | 11:35 pm

    OMG! Your husband is a saint!! What a wonderful thing to do for you! And yes, that is a huge boobie there. 🙂

  9. A Mom in Jacksonville, FL
    July 2, 2009 | 12:25 am

    Lovely baby/hospital pics. And AWESOME that your DH took time to scan allllll of those phots. WAY cool! 🙂

  10. WiseGuy
    July 2, 2009 | 3:53 am

    It takes a lot of dedication and commitment, to do something of that kind.

    Sweet photos!

    Yes lady, your husband does rock!

  11. Jenn
    July 2, 2009 | 7:35 am

    Vic is totally the man! That is so incredibly awesome that he did that for you!!

    Love the pics too – and I am really glad to know that there are others out there in the *BBB with me.

    * = Big Boobie Brigade!

  12. Carrie27
    July 2, 2009 | 9:01 am

    Photos are a HUGE part of our lives and I can’t imagine not having digital photography. Way to go Vic for doing such a tedious job!

  13. Meari
    July 2, 2009 | 10:44 am

    I need to do the same with my photos. Alas, currently I’m digitally restoring 40+ yr old polaroids for my Mom. A photo geek’s job is never done, lol.

    Thanks for the trip down (your) memory lane. I love photos!

  14. IF Optimist, then...
    July 2, 2009 | 10:55 am

    What an absolutely fabulous thing for Vic to do. Kudos to him. Now make 3 copies of that DVD and put them in separate places (mom’s house, safety deposit box, another room) and you’ll be set for backups for all time.

  15. becomingwhole
    July 2, 2009 | 11:43 am

    He DOES rock, doesn’t he.

    I LUV the photos of your baby…especially the last one.

    Good luck with all the driving…and so glad about your friend’s mom.

  16. Parenthood For Me
    July 2, 2009 | 7:31 pm

    What a wonderful thing to do for you. I love photos and it is very hard to keep track of them all.

  17. Another Dreamer
    July 2, 2009 | 8:12 pm

    Awwwww! What wonderful pics! And congrats for scanning them all and getting them digitalized! That is awesome.

  18. Beth
    July 2, 2009 | 8:15 pm

    How long did that take? wow…that’s dedication

  19. sunflowerchilde
    July 3, 2009 | 1:17 am

    Wow, really?! He scanned all that?! Holy crap. I’ve spent hours scanning just a fraction of that, and I was going nuts. That’s a wonderful gift.

  20. Beautiful Mess
    July 3, 2009 | 3:14 am

    YAY for Vic! Now you can walk down memory lane while sitting at your computer. How great!

  21. JuliaS
    July 4, 2009 | 10:29 am

    That is so awesome!! I totally need to do that also. My pictures are in a ratty cardboard box that is starting to fall apart.

    I love “old” pictures too . . . those are really fun. I have a few breastfeeding photos that look like two babies too! :0)

    Wow – great project. What did you do with the pictures you scanned after you scanned them?

  22. MrsSpock
    July 4, 2009 | 6:34 pm

    Whoa baby, that boob is bigger than Marty! Wish I had some of those…

  23. battynurse
    July 4, 2009 | 7:53 pm

    What a great guy to scan all of those pics. Love the pic of you you and the new baby.

  24. cowboyboot lady
    July 8, 2009 | 2:01 pm

    That is A LOT of pics to scan. What a fabulous hubby!

    Very cute pics of your baby boy!

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