Shit They Say Sunday: take 4

surgery_122205Welcome back to Shit They Say Sunday. Once more, we are featuring the dynamic duo of Vic (my husband) and Mike (his shift partner at the 911 center). Yup. they’ve been screwing with co-workers again.

As my long time readers know, my husband is going to be undergoing gastric bypass surgery to help with his diabetes. Vic is very open about preparing for the surgery and is happy to explain to anyone the reasons behind his decision. This means that most of the people Vic works with have heard about it too…but not all of them.

Operation Screw With Our Co-Workers first started with the trainee Mike has been in charge with. Poor Kyle came in one day and heard Mike and Vic talking about the upcoming surgery and this is what ensued…

Mike and Vic are talking…Kyle is just entering the room…
Mike: So, do you have a date for the surgery yet?Kyle: What surgery?
Mike gives Vic a look…Vic knows something is going down. He just doesn’t know what…
Mike: Do you mind if I tell him?
Vic: No, why would I mind?
Mike: Vic’s having a sex change operation.
Kyle’s jaw drops…quite literally…he looks like he’s trying to say something but nothing is coming out…then Vic and Mike start laughing and Kyle realizes he’s been had.

For most people, this might have been enough…but, not for Vic and Mike. A week or so later, Susan, one of the police officers they dispatch for, comes into communications. This time was even better…

Susan dropped by Communications and started chatting with our two favorite troublemakers. With no warning at all, Mike turned to Vic and the fun started…
Mike: Vic, do you have a date for your surgery yet?
Susan: What surgery?
Mike: Vic, do you mind if I tell her?
Vic: Go ahead. I have nothing to hide.
Mike: Vic’s going to have a sex change operation.
It was like an instant replay from when they told Kyle. Susan’s jaw dropped. Her eyes bugged out and she started stammering…
Susan: Bu-bu-but, don’t you have kids?
Vic: Yeah, I have 3 boys…16, 12, and 7.
Susan: Do they know your having surgery?
Vic: Well, yeah.
Susan: Bu-bu-but, aren’t you still married?
Vic: Yes.
Susan: Does your wife know about the surgery?
Vic: Yeah, she knows about the surgery. Not only does she know about it but she’s fully supportive. We’ve talked and she knows this is something I NEED to do for my health and well-being and for us as a family.
Poor Susan is looking more and more shaken up as the conversation goes on and Kyle the trainee is sitting in the back trying really hard not to laugh.
Vic: Oh yeah, Mike, Kristin and I talked and I decided to stick with Victoria. It will be easier to remember.
At the same moment, the last of the color drained from Susan’s face and Kyle lost it and started laughing. Susan realized she’d been punk’d.

My husband is a warped and twisted man but he always makes me laugh.


***Sorry this is a little late. I wrote it last night and forgot to hit post.

10 Responses to Shit They Say Sunday: take 4
  1. Lori Lavender Luz
    April 22, 2013 | 1:03 pm

    Oh, that’s priceless! They must have bust a gut (pun intended) stifling the laughs.
    Lori Lavender Luz recently posted..Boston’s darkest day: a thousand points of lightMy Profile

  2. Rebecca
    April 22, 2013 | 4:19 pm

    Hi from ICLW. Just the laugh I needed today.
    Rebecca recently posted..Hormone BloatingMy Profile

  3. AnaH
    April 22, 2013 | 5:23 pm

    Ha ha ha, brilliant story! Just stopping by from ICLW. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

  4. emma
    April 22, 2013 | 8:45 pm

    Hi from ICLW!

    It sounds like your husband has a good sense of humor. That’s awesome 🙂
    emma recently posted..Welcome ICLWers!My Profile

    • Kristin
      April 22, 2013 | 10:44 pm

      I alternate between being laughing my ass off at him and being very scared by the twists and turns his mind takes…(just kidding about the scared part).
      Kristin recently posted..Shit They Say Sunday: take 4My Profile

  5. St. Elsewhere
    April 23, 2013 | 12:48 am

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    I love Vic’s sense of humour…poor colleagues!

  6. Catwoman73
    April 24, 2013 | 12:45 pm

    Hello from ICLW! I love your hubby already- I’ll bet he keeps you on your toes! Mine keeps me laughing, too- it’s a big part of the reason I fell in love with him. Thanks for the laugh- I could always use one!
    Catwoman73 recently posted..“Happy” National Infertility Awareness Week!My Profile

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