Reboot Eleventy Million and One

I keep vowing to myself that I’m going to get back into blogging reguarly and I keep falling down on my promise to myself. I honestly don’t know what my issue is. I want to blog. I want to write. I’ve even had a ton of good ideas. It’s just that none of them have made it through the keyboard onto the screen. Frankly, I think I need someone here to kick me in the ass every day or two…someone to make me get off my ass and get with the program. Any volunteers?

A whole lot of things have gone down since I last got off my ass and posted.

The kids and I have had a ton of fun recently. We developed a brand new Easter tradition. I don’t know how many of you saw the posts about peeps jousting on Facebook. Well, I saw it and decided I MUST try it with the kids. I stocked up on supplies…3 colors of peeps and a bunch of toothpicks. According to the Facebook image post, you stick a toothpick lance in each peep and place 2 of them on a plate facing each other. Then, you stick the plate in the microwave and turn it on. The peeps are suppose to look like they are jousting. The joustingg was a dismal failure. The peeps didn’t joust. They just puffed up and up and up.  At this point, we decided to have fun with it and we used the “lances” to connect them and see image what happened. We attached them with the lances…they puffed up and fell over. We tried them with stabilizers around the base…they puffed up and fell over. We tried them stacked…hehehehe, of course, they fell over. I never saw anything that remotely resembled Peeps Jousting. What we did see and did discover is that marshmallows toast from the inside out when you heat them in image the microwave…makes a perfect marshmallow for s’mores. Look closely at the picture below and you can see the toasting.

So, Peeps Jousting = epic fail.

But, inside out marshmallow toasting = epic win.

There’s a lot more to tell y’all about…a museum trip, Vic’s upcoming surgery, and Gabe’s and my weekend excursion. Come on back tomorrow and I’ll have the next installment ready.

Love you guys and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

3 Responses to Reboot Eleventy Million and One
  1. Kathy
    April 12, 2013 | 12:55 am

    Welcome back! That is too funny about your experiments with the Peeps, not to mention your findings! 🙂
    Kathy recently posted..The Whole-Brain Child Presentation by Dr. Tina Payne Bryson (My Notes)My Profile

  2. Another Dreamer
    April 12, 2013 | 12:48 pm

    It sounds like a fun experiment! I saw the video about the jousting and wondered about it. Now I wonder if Pintrosity has covered it, lol. You could always submit it 😉

    Also? Mmm, toasted marshmallows.
    Another Dreamer recently posted..Tender-My Profile

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