Now You See Me, Part 5

A couple of week ago when I was begging for writing inspiration, St. Elsewhere of My Lady of the Lantern asked…

Who was the earliest blogger you connected with? When did you encounter my blog first of all?

Years ago, when we first started trying to have our third baby, my main presence online was at ParentsPlace (which ultimately became part of iVillage). I had been part of the December 2000 expecting club and a few other boards. But, then we started having loss after loss and I just didn’t feel comfortable with all the rainbows and baby dust. I gravitated towards a trying to conceive after loss board run by my dear friend, Bean.  Her board was a great place but I still sometimes felt like the odd woman out. I’d had more losses than a lot of the ladies there.  I could get pregnant fairly easily but couldn’t maintain the pregnancies. Still it was home.

Picture courtesy of Chez Miscarriage

Then, one day, someone mentioned this great blog they had read. They mentioned that for once, while talking about loss, they ended up laughing. Well hell, if someone could actually find humor in the horrible world of infertility and loss, I wanted to read it. That was the day I found the incomparable GetUpGrrl and her bloggy home at Chez Miscarriage. That’s where I laughed along with her misadventures and the silly stories (see the little bitty red horns on her eeeeevil Y uterus).  I cried when she had yet another loss. I learned about Mizuko kuyō, the Japanese ceremony for mourning a pregnancy loss.   GetUpGrrl affected more people than even she realized*. Once I found her blog, I finally felt like I had found someone who understood, who really got it. And, through her blog, I heard about the women who were her support, the Vagina Posse. Following links to the Vagina Posse brought me to Tertia of So Close, Julie of A Little Pregnant, and (I think) Julia of Here Be Hippogriffs…and, I’m pretty sure it was Julie’s blog that initially led me to Mel of Stirrup Queens fame…and, I found another of my framily**, Monnie of Rantings of a Creole Princess through Mel’s comments. I even found St. Elsewhere’s original blog through Mel’s blog…maybe an early ICLW. Ultimately, Grrl’s blog led me to each and every one of you because she was my blogging gateway drug.

I would love to share her brilliant writing with all of you but I can’t. Sadly, you can’t even read Grrl’s archives because she took them down years ago when she had the same person stealing her writings over and over again.

So, do you remember the first blog you read? Did it make as much of an impression on you as Grrl’s blog made on me?


*4 years after she shut down her blog, she was mentioned in a book called Mourning the Unborn Dead. What an awesome legacy.

**friends + family = framily (a term coined by Monnie)

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