The Last “I Love You”

Yesterday, we went over to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner and she had an amazing story to tell us.

My MIL collects Grinch Christmas decorations. A few years ago, she started collecting the Grinch ornaments made by Lenox. My father-in-law had bought most of them for her as presents and she had collected all except for one of them. I think she had planned on eventually getting the last decoration but it wouldn’t have been this year. Last Monday, after the funeral, she arrived home to find a package had been delivered. Shortly before he went in the hospital, my FIL ordered the last Grinch decoration for my MIL. She came home from the funeral to receive her final present, her last “I Love You”, from my FIL. She would have treasured the decoration no matter what circumstances she received it but getting it this way is just amazing. This is what she got…

7 Responses to The Last “I Love You”
  1. Barb
    September 15, 2008 | 5:53 pm

    Oh my gosh that’s amazing. And that is a beautiful tree.

  2. miss_eddy
    September 15, 2008 | 10:07 pm

    That’s beautiful! What a way to remember him this holiday season and every other season. She will have a token of love.

    Blessings to your family.

  3. Silver
    September 16, 2008 | 12:17 am

    What an amazing gift. I am sure she will treasure it more than ever.

  4. Beautiful Mess
    September 16, 2008 | 2:31 am

    WOW, that’s beautiful. Not just the ornament, but how she got it. Amazing! I teared up a bit and got the chills, I even read it to my daughter. She said “oh how neat”…gotta love those 11 year old’s. Just full of words that touch the heart…

  5. Margaret
    September 16, 2008 | 12:23 pm

    Incredible. And totally wonderful!!!

  6. Dora
    September 16, 2008 | 2:52 pm

    Just beautiful. Love is in the details.

    That kind of love is so inspiring.

  7. Ken's choice
    September 16, 2008 | 5:33 pm

    OMG there are the tears again !!
    how absolutely wonderful Kristin.

    beatiful ornament !!

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