It’s a lost cause…

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I’m beginning to think the love of potty talk is encoded in the male genome. It seems from day one that little boys know the surest way to get a laugh from each other is to crack a joke using a body part. And, sadly, I have to admit that I frequently have to bite back the laughter when they come out with their potty talk zingers. When I don’t manage to bite back the laughter, it bites me in the ass. I had months of listening to Marty and Will’s version of Yankee Doodle (…stuck a feather up his butt and called it macaroni…) because I made the fatal error of laughing.

I try so hard to overcome my tendency for sophomoric humor and I try really hard to teach my children to rise above the potty talk and potty humor. But, tonight, I came to the conclusion that it’s a lost cause. Avoiding potty talk and humor will never happen because it is an undeniable part of their father’s dna.

Me: Joey, it’s bedtime dude. Get ready.
Joey: I’m ready, mom. Already changed.
Me: Did you brush your teeth?
Joey: Darn, I forgot. Can’t I skip tonight?
Me: No, go brush.
Joey: Please…
Me: Nope
Joey: Why not?
Vic: Do you skip wiping your butt when you poop?
Me: Really?!?!? You had to go there. You know how hard it is to get them to stop potty talk.
Vic laughs uproariously
Me shakes my head: There just isn’t any point. It’s a lost cause. I heard about what you let them get away with while I was at BlogHer…from more than one source.
Vic: They snitched. But honey, it was just us guys hanging out.
Me: It’s a lost cause…and it’s all on you.

Truth be told, I can’t get mad about it. All 4 of them are pretty damned funny when they get going…even if it descends into the gutter.

One Response to It’s a lost cause…
  1. luna
    September 6, 2012 | 1:23 am

    in my extended family, most discussions around the dinner table devolve into some form of potty talk. and this is from grown men.

    once they get going, it’s hard to stop the kids. my 3yo daughter thinks the words butt and poop are hilarious.
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