I made it through the 1st day of Vacation Bible School…

And things went really well. We ended up with about 50 kids and about 30-33 volunteers. No one gagged too badly at my singing (LOL) and everyone seemed to have a good time. I AM SOOOOOOO TIRED! How tired you ask? Well, Marty wanted me to read a chapter of HP6 to him and I could barely stay awake to do it. OMG…being the director of VBS while I am pregnant was the heighth of stupidity.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO ULTRASOUND TIME…don’t know whether to run and hide or be so excited I can’t stand it. LOL

2 Responses to I made it through the 1st day of Vacation Bible School…
  1. Pam
    July 19, 2005 | 10:49 am

    WOOHOO!! I’m really looking forward to hearing about this ultrasound Kristin!! 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about not taking the boys to the u/s… my doctor’s office won’t allow anyone under the age of 18 in the u/s room. Oh well, my kiddos will have to live with pictures. 😉

    Love ya!

  2. Anonymous
    July 19, 2005 | 8:15 pm

    Hoping to hear a wonderful update soon!!! I will be checking in later and hopefully you will have reported in!

    Get some rest too, after you update that is. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing okay!

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