I love my doc I love my doc I love my doc…

I have the best OB/GYN around. I made a consult appointment for today and told him that the first hematologist had confirmed my shortened ptt and that the second one was running tests to see if she could figure out why. I then said I really wanted a script for Lovenox (low molecular weight heparin…much more stable) before we started trying again. He didn’t even blink, said that sounded perfectly reasonable, and wrote me a script on the spot.

Soooooooo, I am nervous, excited, and scared because we will officially start trying again this next cycle (which should start withtin a week).

Another thing I wanted to mention…when I went into the doctors office the sky was completely covered with clouds…the kind that look like they will be there forever…just over an hour later, I came out and the sky was the most beautiful blue…the only clouds you could see were way off on the horizon…makes you stop and think.

2 Responses to I love my doc I love my doc I love my doc…
  1. chris
    December 4, 2004 | 9:51 pm

    Hey. I’m glad things went well. When can you start again? I just got AF today, so it looks like here we go again.

  2. chris
    December 20, 2004 | 12:31 pm

    Hey. I’m thinking about seeing your doctor, since I had a few weird things show up on my tests. Can’t hurt, I guess. Could you give me his name again?

    Take care.

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