I know, I know, I promised you…

Hey y’all, I know I promised you a week of Disney capped of with a most excellent review/interview/giveaway this Monday. Do you think it will be ok to flip-flop that activity? Yes, that means the review/interview/giveaway will start out my Disney week instead of finishing it but, it’s all good.

This time I have a good excuse for not having my shit together. No, I really do. See, I spent the tale end of the week helping Joey plan and execute his project for school. Joey’s social studies teacher assigned them a project to go along with the unit about the early slave trade that they are studying. They were given numerous options and Joey decided to combine two of the options. He picked the main option of creating a museum exhibit that represented the slave trade and, he also created a journal that was suppose to contain the thoughts of one of the Africans kidnapped and sold into slavery. Yeah, he basically did two projects for the price of one. I really can’t complain though. This attitude is a major improvement over his academic issues last year.

Joey really impressed me. He researched everything and even found names off an old map of Africa to use as the names of the villages affected by the slave trade. He also decided that the slave who “wrote” the journal had to have a name that really came from the region he was suppose to be from. He got a little stymied in this search but , with some help from me, we eventually found a list of first names that were used during that era in Sierra Leone. Since we never found a list of last names, Joey took a name from one of the lessons they listened to in school, gave it his own spin, and came up with the last name on the journal.

So, with my son’s imagination and a little of my crafty know how, here is his project about the African slave trade…
SlaveTradeUnitProject medJoey’s project showed the horrid chains and restraint that were used by the slavers. He included the collar, the wrist manacles, and the ball and chain that was often attached to an ankle. After Joey wrote the journal, he decided he wanted to try and translate it into the language spoken in Sierra Leone. Sadly, Google Translate sucks and, the closest he could find to a language spoken by the slaves was Creole which isn’t really close at all but at least it is a language heavily influenced by the native tongues of the slaves. So, once the “original journal” was created, Joey used a few ideas he got from me and aged the journal so it didn’t look like it came off a modern printer. The “original journal” is accompanied by the English translation so his teacher can read it.

I am really proud of the work he put in. He truly did a kick-ass job on this project. But, unlike most of his projects that he does a great job on, I won’t be sad at all if the teacher wants to keep this one. I think it would be a bit too depressing to h ave around forever and always.


PS…since it’s after midnight when I hit publish, make sure you come back later tonight (Monday night) to check out my Disney related review and enter the giveaway.

PPS…click on the picture. It’s only when you embiggen it that you see what a great job Joey did.

4 Responses to I know, I know, I promised you…
  1. Battynurse
    September 16, 2013 | 2:00 pm

    Wow, that is freaking awesome. What an amazing project.

  2. JustHeather
    September 21, 2013 | 3:06 pm

    What a great job your boy did on this project! It sounds like he really enjoyed it and got into the whole thing. I hope the teacher loved the work he put into it also.

    Happy ICLW!
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  3. Chasing Joy
    October 7, 2013 | 10:16 am

    That really is a great project. I can can understand why you dont want it hanging around the house though. I hope he got an A.

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