I don’t need no stinkin’ rules!

You know what…sometimes you just reach a point when you say fuck it to the rules. Do you see that beautiful, happy boy on the left there? Well, thanks to my screwed up genetics, Gabe has inherited my weather induced migraines. Like both his brothers, Gabe’s migraines got worse when he hit puberty. And, like his brothers (and me), there is no way to avoid or stave off the migraines because THEY ARE WEATHER INDUCED. I know about now you are wondering what any of this has to do with rules. Stick with me. I promise we will get there.

Gabe missed so many days due to migraines during the first semester that he now is suppose to bring in a doctor’s note for any and all absences if we want them excused. So, I’ve been a dutiful parent and have dragged his butt to the doctor every time he came home from school with a virus this semester. I think we’ve been to the doctor about eleventy million times this semester.

Well, last night, Joey, Gabe and I ended up with migraines. This storm system came through and it kicked our asses. Gabe got the worst of it. He was super dizzy and, when he tried to get up to go to the bathroom, the simple act of walking made the dizziness cross over into nausea and he got sick. This morning, *Gabe is still light-headed, dizzy, and feels generally crappy. If I want the school system to excuse his absence, I am suppose to put my child in a car and drive him to the doctor. Well, fuck the rules. I am not putting my migraine hungover child in a car because that will start the vomiting again.

Instead, I plan on sending in this note…

Gabriel was knocked flat last night by a horrendous migraine that induced dizziness and vomiting. I know I am suppose to take him to the doctor and get a note so the absence can be excused but I refuse to put my migraine hungover child in a car to go to the doctor because that will just start the vomiting again. If my aim is to get him back to school as soon as possible, avoiding a car ride is the better part of valor.

Thank you.

Kristin Cruz

BTW, this is the cleaned up version of the note I really wanted to write. I censored myself because it’s not the school staff I’m frustrated with. It’s the stupid, frakking rules they have to follow that are making me mad.




*I describe the after effects of a bad migraine as getting a hangover without having any of the fun.

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