Grrl’s having a baby…

or by now, Gefilte is probably here. I have been obsessively refreshing both Grrl’s and Danae‘s blogs but still no news. I’m going to presume that no news is good news because I KNOW that “Something Good Is Happening”! Keep Grrl, Mr Grrl, Sarah and Gefilte in your prayers. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

GEFILTE IS HERE…say some prayers because he is having a bit of breathing difficulties and is in the NICU for now.

2 Responses to Grrl’s having a baby…
  1. Hostile in Ohio
    July 25, 2005 | 10:22 pm

    Not sure if you saw, baby boy Grrl(Gefilte baby) is here, but in the NICU for breathing problems…

  2. Hostile in Ohio
    July 26, 2005 | 4:59 pm

    Something did it, Gefilte is apparently doing a little better today, or so Danae’s blog tells me 🙂

    ::big sigh of relief:: AND fingers crossed for more improvements and a quick healthy and going home.

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