Dark and Dreary Monday

It’s gray.
It’s cloudy.
It really is a dreary day.

All I want to do is sew, sew, sew. I’m finally finishing the tote bag Murgdan won from me ages ago. And, after that, I am ready to start the quilt I’ve been planning. Unfortunately, my kids seem to think I need to do things with them. Hmmm, wonder what kind of bribery it would take to get them to let me sew?

10 Responses to Dark and Dreary Monday
  1. Sunny
    July 6, 2009 | 12:23 pm

    I am using the television to get some time to catch up on my Google Reader.

    Bad mama. Bad.

  2. Sheliza
    July 6, 2009 | 12:46 pm

    I am thinking about having a quilt made of old things that belong to our family. I will have to find someone local to put it all together for me though. I wish I knew how to sew…tried it once and failed badly!

  3. battynurse
    July 6, 2009 | 2:02 pm

    Good luck with the bribery.

  4. Beautiful Mess
    July 6, 2009 | 3:26 pm

    We’re having the same type of day here, too! I won’t be sewing, but I might clean my bathroom…MAYBE ;o) Good luck getting your kids to cooperate with you!

  5. becomingwhole
    July 6, 2009 | 5:29 pm

    good luck with that…it seems when I really NEED the nieces and nephew to watch tv, they don’t want to (doh!). Hope you are fruitful. 🙂

  6. Lavender Luz
    July 6, 2009 | 6:17 pm

    When you figure out the answer to that question, PLEASE let me know.

  7. Sandy
    July 6, 2009 | 7:44 pm

    I am so envious of people who sew (I should have written “sew” envious, lol).

    I absolutely love your blog and the header image is gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  8. 'Murgdan'
    July 6, 2009 | 8:10 pm

    Ahhhhhhh! Really?? I thought you’d forgotten! 🙂 So excited!…but no rush. really. it’s ok. 🙂

  9. Kristin
    July 6, 2009 | 8:56 pm

    Ah but dear, there is a rush! It is long overdue and I promised!

  10. Meari
    July 7, 2009 | 3:52 pm

    Yesterday the weather was really nice here. Today it’s dark, dreary, and looking like it could bust loose with the raindrops soon.

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