Can anyone explain this to me?

I checked. I really did. I didn’t do any drugs. My hubby didn’t do any drugs. Hell, we hadn’t even had a beer. Yet, I saw this on TV last night. Can anyone please explain it to me?

10 Responses to Can anyone explain this to me?
  1. Another Dreamer
    July 14, 2010 | 2:03 am

    lmao- I saw that too. I was pretty darn confused.

  2. kmina
    July 14, 2010 | 7:12 am

    Perhaps drugs could actually help with understanding here? Just saying… I doubt liquor can do the trick, there is no liquor hard enough for that. ‘Hamsterdam’… phooo!

  3. ..Soo.See..
    July 14, 2010 | 7:18 am

    OMG, this commercial freaks me the eff out! I can’t deal seeing those hamsters do all that, and dance and run w/ boxes over them pretnding it’s a car! It’s so weird.

  4. Sheliza
    July 14, 2010 | 8:37 am

    Hahaha!! This is an idiotic commercial but I think the marketing team got their mission accomplished. They have us regular everyday folks talking about it!

  5. rys
    July 14, 2010 | 10:15 am

    I think they were referring to the shape of other vehicles with the toaster and box thing, although I don’t see where their car is all that much different. After the ‘used soap’ era (where all cars looked like a used piece of soap), car companies are trying to visually differentiate themselves. I don’t think Kia did a good job here, because all I see is a box they’re trying to market as a ‘cool, hip’ box. And no, no drugs here, although they may have made the video more entertaining than it was!

  6. areyoukiddingme
    July 14, 2010 | 10:36 am

    WTF? Definitely a different ad…although I don’t think I wanna be like a hamster.

  7. Mrs. Gamgee
    July 14, 2010 | 2:34 pm

    I’ve seen a couple of these weird hamster commercials. So messed up!

  8. *Tanyetta*
    July 15, 2010 | 10:31 pm

    It’s funny that I can still recite the entire song! I still have the cassette tape! Black Sheep was the ISHNISH!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Quiet Dreams
    July 17, 2010 | 8:01 pm

    I saw this also and it also freaked me out. No explanation here.

  10. battynurse
    July 26, 2010 | 10:29 pm

    Nope. I hadn’t seen this one but I’ve seen a few of the others and didn’t get them either. This one however is a bit dumber. And I agree with someone else that their vehicle is just as boxy as most of the others.

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