It Brought On Delusions

The other day, Vic and I were watching The Travel Channel. We stumbled across a show all about State Fair Foods and got sucked in by all the artery clogging fried food goodness. You would think this would be something safe to sit in front of and brainlessly veg. You’d be wrong.

Instead of sitting there and being brainless, I started getting inspiration for better versions of the foods and desserts they were talking about…less frying, more goodness. I think I was having delusions of being a food blogger or something. My brain was thinking of things like pumpkin mousse ice cream, homemade ginger snaps, and other goodness. I got ideas for original recipes and they are plaguing my brain and begging to be made.

I’m trying to convince myself that these food projects can wait until after BlogHer (O.M.G. I’m leaving for BlogHer in only 16 days). I really need to convince myself that these new food projects need to wait because I have a ton of other things I HAVE to complete before BlogHer. I’ve got crochet projects that must be completed. I have to perfect and make at least one Gay Pride Oreo. I’ve decided that this dream MUST become real. I also have to make a birthday cake with Vanilla Bean frosting that I’m bringing to BlogHer for a very special friend. Birthday party in my room on Wednesday, August 1st. Somewhere in there I also have to take care of my kids, pack my bags for BlogHer, and start on a few household projects that MUST be done this summer.

Yeah, I really do have to wait for my side trip into food blogging that was inspired by (but will be so much better than) Fair Food. I’m going to be lucky to hold onto my sanity with everything else I have going on.

What do you have planned for the next couple of weeks? Share please.

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