The 2014 Book Challenge

Welcome, welcome all my reader friends. Since I am doing my best to be more active with my blogging this year, I am resurrecting my book challenge and inviting y’all to join me. Last year, I managed to read 146 books. I imagine that my book reading will drop a bit if I blog and read blogs more actively this year. So, my reading goal for this year is 125 books. I will try and come up with some sort of prize for a winner chosen out of all the people who meet their reading goal.

For those of you who want to join in, the rules are as follows…

  1. your goal can be as high or low as you feel comfortable with…the goal is to read more, not to beat everyone else
  2. read, read, read
  3. keep a running total
  4. have fun
  5. if it is under 50 pages or an audio book, it counts as HALF a book
  6. anything over 50 pages counts as 1 BOOK no matter how long it is
  7. textbooks, childrens books, ebooks all count
  8. (thanks Jenn) rereading counts and any books read so far count
  9. cookbooks count as a whole book if you actually read them (I mean really read…not just skim while looking for a recipe)

Once again, I want to say thanks to Jen J from Navigating the Waters of Infertility and Beyond again because she was the one that sparked my original Book Challenge in 2009. And, sign up is below…

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