Our Minor, Major Disaster

RubyOn Friday, we added a cute, furry member to our family. Ruby is a great dog but we are still learning to read each other. She is trying to adjust and start to believe that this will be her forever home. And, we are trying to learn to read her communication. Ruby is good about asking to go out but, one time, I misread her signals and barely caught her and got her outside in time. Right after I got her outside, I noticed that the floor in the den was indeed wet. In fact, there was a HUGE wet area and this suspiciously wet area was under the window air conditioner.

Oh dear God, our window air conditioner had been dripping and, due to the ungodly loud noise it makes, no one was able to hear the dripping. Also, the toys baskets that were against that wall were filled with the toys that were rarely played with, toys that were slated to be sorted through and donated to charity. By the time the near miss with Ruby’s bathroom break occurred, the mess was unbelievable.  When I found this mess, it was already late at night. Cleaning was put off until Sunday. I shut the window air conditioner off, moved the nasty toys onto the back porch and turned a fan on under the deluded fantasy that the floor might dry off. I knew the air conditioner was toast.

We had our first stroke of good luck in this whole disaster when a friend from church offered us a window air conditioner that she just happened to have stored from her own past  air conditioning issue. I tried to pay her for it but she insisted that she wanted to give it to us. After church, we came home and tackled the disaster area. We spent hours cleaning the baskets of toys that had been drenched by the leaking air conditioner I also checked the floor area. Sadly, it hadn’t dried at all. I then decided that area of the rug had to come up ASAP. Let me tell you, cutting through that rug and getting a starting point to rip it up was a bitch. Even a 15+ yr old rug that has been drenched is still unbelievably strong. I finally had a long cut made and decided to cut through the padding so I could see how bad it was down underneath everything. I thought I was cutting through to take a look at the cement slab floor, a floor that would require an almost immediate purchase of a large area rug.IMG_1304.JPG This was when we got our second stroke of luck. When I got all the way through, I found this…
Remember the heavy duty linoleum (commercial grade) that was around in the early 80s? Remember when they came out with the faux wood heavy duty linoleum (prior to Pergo flooring)? Well, that is what was under the nasty old oatmeal colored rug in our den. If I had known that was under there, that horrid rug would have come up long ago. While it isn’t nearly as nice as Pergo or hardwood flooring, it is a million times better than that rug.

Tomorrow, the rest of the rug is coming up! I can’t wait to be rid of it. While this was certainly not how I wanted to spend my time today, in the grand scheme of things, this was a minor disaster. It could have been so much worse.

Hear ye, Hear ye…

Got a dog…her name is Ruby.

She is sweet and cute and gets along with all the other animals.


Had a minor major household disaster discovered tonight…

It will require ripping out the carpet from at least 1/3 of our den. Thank God it is on a cement slab.

It is NOT cute and NOT fun and will be a royal pain in the ass to deal with.


Tomorrow, we will have fun…going shopping with my hubby. Don’t judge. It is fun, non-kid accompanied time.

In the afternoon, we are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sunday morning will be dedicated to church…and, then the slave labor will begin.


This is the extent of my blogging effort since I spent the last hour stemming the tide of the den disaster.

Happy Birthday, Victor!

Veector-happy-birthday-hottie.jpg~original55 years ago today, my wonderful, fabulous hubby was born. 22 years ago this month, we started dating. I wish every person could be as lucky as I am and have in incredible person like Vic as their partner and soul mate. He makes me laugh…often. He takes care of me and our family…always. He is my heart, my soul, my rock.

I wish I had the words to convey just how special this man of mine is…but, I feel the words are a pale substitute for what he makes me feel. After almost 22 years together, he still takes my breath away.

Honey, I was absolutely right that morning after our first date. Y0u know, when I told Kristi that “I’m going to have to be careful or I’m going to fall hard and fast for this one.” Not only did I fall hard and fast for you, but I fall more in love with you every day that we’re together.

I love you, baby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTOR!


Say it isn’t so, Disney

Y’all, I adore Disney. I love the parks. I love the movies. I love the characters. I love it all. But, right now I am very, very disappointed in the corporation behind all the wonder that inspires me.

I don’t know how many of you heard about the hubbub about the makeover Disney tried to give Merida (from Brave) before her official coronation as a Disney princess. I feel like the whole world heard about it but that probably isn’t true. The short story is that Disney fell in with the hyper-sexualization of female characters, decided a sleek and sexy Merida would appeal more to the masses, and ruined much of what we love about the kick-ass character of Merida. The original Merida was a girl who stood up for herself, kicked ass, and saved the day. She had a unique look that many little girls (and big girls, too) adored and identified with. The post-makeover Merida kowtowed to the views of beauty touted in the media…tiny waist, bigger chest, high cheekbones, and tamed hair. Where was the Merida we fell in love with? Many people raised such a stink that Disney retracted the makeover and claimed it had just been done for the coronation. I hoped that despite the evidence, Disney had learned a lesson.Merida1and2

Sadly, this was just the latest entry in a history of this kind of prettying up and perfecting of characters. Upworthy recently featured a video by the fabulous Melissa May who placed 7th in the Women of the World Poetry Slam of 2014 with a piece that was both a tribute to Ursula the Sea Witch and a slam on what Disney did to this fabulous villianess back in 2012.

See, back in 2012, Disney was releasing a line of designer villainess dolls. For some reason (I think the decision maker must have been smoking something), Disney decided that Ursula just didn’t fit the proper image. The doll designers at Disney took the fabulous Ursula; the larger than life sea witch; the character with more swagger and fabulosity than almost any other Disney character and they sanitized her. They made that larger than life character I loved to hate and turned her into a pallid, vapid representative of the current standards of beauty. She isn’t even recognizable.


God, I truly hope Disney puts this trend in the past. I want to unabashedly and unashamedly embrace Disney and all the quirky characters of there movies without worrying that one day they will be made unrecognizable. I want my children to receive the message that it is ok to be different.

Come on Disney, don’t let me down.

Benign is Beautiful

Photo Courtesy of williami5 on Flickr

Breast Cancer Reflection courtesy of williami5 on Flickr

Huge thanks to everyone who held me close and kept me in their thoughts and prayers. I got the results of my needle biopsy back and the spot seen on the mammograms was nothing more than fibrocystic breast tissue. Completely and totally benign! Again, thank you. Knowing that I had so much support in my corner kept me from totally wigging out.

For any of you out there who haven’t had a mammogram and probably should have, don’t let fear keep you from getting one. First off, the actual mammogram was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Yeah, it was uncomfortable but the pain was minimal. Second, the needle biopsy was nothing as far as pain is concerned. All I felt was a little pinch from the needle with the local anesthesia. I do have one hell of a bruise but, even that does not hurt. Finally, if it had turned out to be cancer, my little lump was just that…LITTLE. Early detection is key.

Benign is beautiful!